Cake Soiree Bundle Overview

I have taken cake decorating classes and tried to create beautiful, artful cake creations but I have never been able to achieve a cake so beautiful as when I stamped one!  I have not purchased this set yet, I have many on my wish list and this is one of them, but I will get this one before it's gone.  I have played with this set, a friend of mine has it and it's wonderful! 

My daughter is a pastry chef and she makes my cakes look like child's play but I can definitely make one out of ink and paper that rival even her greatest creations!  She laughs at my cake creativity gone wild but she can appreciate the beauty that this set is capable of creating.  

This set comes with 18 stamps (145745) clear for $35 and 16 dies (145617) for $33 and the bundle together saves you 10% (147627) $61.  I've seen some amazing cakes created with this set and I hope to be joining in on the fun very soon.  Let me know if you've purchased this one and please send pics of your creations!  I will share them here on my blog if you are agreeable.  

Can you imagine making a gorgeous cake creation for someone and never worrying about if it tasted great?  It's all about the looks and this is real eye candy we're making with this set lol!  Hope you enjoy this set and check back with us tonight for another video.  I think you'll like this next one it's not Easter, it's a little different!

And look at the embellishment kit below you can take your ideas even further with this kit!

Happy Crafting!



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